I’m not fat, I just need to lose some fat

I was once 176 pounds.  That was 4 years ago.  Now, today, after I peed first thing I am 140.8.  Size 6, not bad, considered thin by most.  However, the goal weight is under 130.  129.9 is fine, I just want to see a two after the one in my weight. 

Most people would say “who cares?” this blog is for those who care.  I search the internet looking for the magical cure of 10 pounds, where’s the magic trick?  I would out a minimum of 5 days a week, I eat well, what’s the issue?  And, no, I don’t want to add intensity to my workouts.  I’m hurt, a knee injury, caused by my own intensity.  Cross Fit or training for a marathon isn’t an option.  I want to take these 10 pounds off in an easy way.  I want to work around the plateau not through it.

So here’s the plan.  For people like me looking for the magic way I am going to be your lab rat.  I am going to try the Dr. Oz methods, I am going to go Atkins or Paleo, I am going to use wraps, I will juice, I will do all the back door methods and see what I can get off.  This was you can skip trying a million supplements or hurt yourself.  Maybe it will help someone.  At least it will help me.


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