So they say belly fat like mine is stress oriented. So I’ve been taking a Cortisol Manager for the past two months. My husband began taking it too. Initially it helped my sleep (which studies say aids weight loss) and I swear, both bellies went down. Flattened. Until about week 6 when it simply stopped working. Not sure why. My job is extra stressful. Life and death stress. So I’m moving on to an adrenal manager. Day two.

The Soup Theory

Okay here’s the theory. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, normal food for lunch and soup for dinner. Not fattening soups like broccoli and cheese. But green soups, soups with a clear broth generally. Soups are super (souper?) filling but low in calories.

I’m thinking on workout rest days I should do a 30 minute walk too.

140.2 by the way


Okay the first thing I tried was Resveratol.  I began with this brand:” style=”


Resveratol comes from the skin of red fruits such as grapes and berries.  At its heart it is a powerful anti-oxident.  I found that it helped me maintain my current weight.  I did not see any changes aside from not having the rapid weight gain I get from eating certain foods.  Foods like rice and bread put on the pounds overnight for me but while I was taking this, it was less extreme.

After the first 180 days I switched to another brand, big mistake.  I started gaining weight again.  I switched back from the above brand and saw the same results.  However, after 6 months none of it worked anymore.  I may take a couple months break and see if my body will respond again.

About me

Okay so who is trying to get rid of the 10?  A 41 year old mother of three with a full-time job.  We are pretty broken generally so I have some stress.  My babies were big so I have some abdominal issues: extra skin, some Diastasis Recti and I have some fairly substantial health issues.  My biggest health issues are asthma and IBS, both of which effect my weight and stress.  I mix up my workouts to running, swimming, biking, general circuits of strength/cardio combos and then I do Pilates once a week. 

I used to be more hardcore but almost exactly one year ago I gave myself patellar tendinitis  It’s not serious but I’ve been regularly attending PT and corrective movement training for a year and I will likely never jump a rope, onto a box or even do more than 10 jumping jacks in a row.  So, sure, I could run 5 miles a day for three weeks and it would come off but I’ll be injured and it’ll be right back on.

I’m not fat, I just need to lose some fat

I was once 176 pounds.  That was 4 years ago.  Now, today, after I peed first thing I am 140.8.  Size 6, not bad, considered thin by most.  However, the goal weight is under 130.  129.9 is fine, I just want to see a two after the one in my weight. 

Most people would say “who cares?” this blog is for those who care.  I search the internet looking for the magical cure of 10 pounds, where’s the magic trick?  I would out a minimum of 5 days a week, I eat well, what’s the issue?  And, no, I don’t want to add intensity to my workouts.  I’m hurt, a knee injury, caused by my own intensity.  Cross Fit or training for a marathon isn’t an option.  I want to take these 10 pounds off in an easy way.  I want to work around the plateau not through it.

So here’s the plan.  For people like me looking for the magic way I am going to be your lab rat.  I am going to try the Dr. Oz methods, I am going to go Atkins or Paleo, I am going to use wraps, I will juice, I will do all the back door methods and see what I can get off.  This was you can skip trying a million supplements or hurt yourself.  Maybe it will help someone.  At least it will help me.