About me

Okay so who is trying to get rid of the 10?  A 41 year old mother of three with a full-time job.  We are pretty broken generally so I have some stress.  My babies were big so I have some abdominal issues: extra skin, some Diastasis Recti http://inspiredrd.com/2012/06/dear-diastasis-recti-im-so-over-you.html and I have some fairly substantial health issues.  My biggest health issues are asthma and IBS, both of which effect my weight and stress.  I mix up my workouts to running, swimming, biking, general circuits of strength/cardio combos and then I do Pilates once a week. 

I used to be more hardcore but almost exactly one year ago I gave myself patellar tendinitis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patellar_tendinitis  It’s not serious but I’ve been regularly attending PT and corrective movement training for a year and I will likely never jump a rope, onto a box or even do more than 10 jumping jacks in a row.  So, sure, I could run 5 miles a day for three weeks and it would come off but I’ll be injured and it’ll be right back on.

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